They say a climber, desperate to defeat the challenge of a very high mountain, he began his journey after years of preparation, but he wanted the glory just for him, so went without companions. Began to rise and it was getting late, and later, he was not prepared to camp, so decided to continue to rise. Night fell with heaviness in the height of the mountain, you couldn’t see anything. Everything was pitch black, the moon and the stars were covered by clouds. 

Climbing up a cliff, just a few meters from the top, he slipped and fell through the air, falling at breakneck speed. The fastest climber could only see dark spots and the terrible feeling of being sucked by gravity. Still falling … and in those agonizing moments, it went through his mind all the episodes and not so fond of his life.

He thought of the nearness of death, however, suddenly felt the very strong pull of the long rope that tied at the waist to stakes driven into the rock of the mountain.

In that moment of stillness, suspended in the air, he had no more to shout: «Help me God!»

Suddenly a deep voice from heaven answered

«What can I do ‘

The mountaineer said: «Save me God!»

The voice asked, «Do you really think I can save you?»

– «Of course Lord

«Then let go of the rope that you hold

There was a moment of silence; the man clung to the rope even more.

Next day the rescue team found the climber hanging dead and frozen, his hands clasped tightly to the rope … less than two meters above the ground.

How are you subject to your rope? Every day we help those around us, friends, colleagues, support the staff. When we do not want to hear what answer we cling to our opinions and our ideas.