There are stories that put us in a special place for a change. We must take some days to take action that we can ease the burden and allow us to be effective making rapid transformations which compel us. The story someone told is about learning this process:

«One day, walking along the beach, I noticed a child who is bending at all times. He collected some sand and threw it into the sea.  As I approached, I realized that they were starfish the waves had thrown them out in to the shore. One by one he casted them back into the ocean. Intrigued, I asked him what he was doing, and he replied: «I’m throwing these starfish into the ocean. The tide is low, and these stars have been on the shore to long. If we do not throw them into the sea, they will die in the sand. «

«I understand, I said, but there are thousands of starfish on the beach, and each wave brings new ones. You can not throw them all they are too many and it is useless, don’t you understand that you can’t save them all? «

The boy bent down, taking a starfish in his hand and throwing it into the ocean, he replied:

«This one will live»


  •  Think about the little things you do every day.
  •  Notes which help to change your micro-world
  •  Write down that you despise as insignificant, but add value to your environment.
  •  Observe the movements that have occurred around you thanks to your small contributions.
  •  Do the same with all your classmates, friends, and colleagues.
  • Before closing your eyes every day, review what you have received more insignificant. Rate what it means for your learning and your progress.

There are many great stories that confirm what I said. For example, in film, film Wonderful Life