There was once a beggar who was lying beside the street. At a distance he saw the king coming with his crown and cape. He thought: I will ask, for surely they will give me enough.” when the king passed by, he said, «Majesty, could you please give me a penny?», But in his inside he thought that the king would give him more.

The King looked at him and said:

‘Why don’t you give me something? Am I not your king? «.

The beggar did not know how to answer the question and he said: «But Majesty, I have nothing!»

The king replied: «You most have something, look!»

Among the surprise and anger, the beggar looked through his stuff and knew he had an orange, a loaf of bread and a few grains of rice. He thought that the bread and oranges were to much to give, so angry, took five grains of rice and gave it to the king.

Pleased, the king said: «See how you had, ‘and gave him five gold coins, one for each grain of rice.

The beggar then said: «Your majesty, I think I have other things here,» but the king did not listen and said, «Only what you have given me from the bottom of your heart, can I give.»

Life gives us many opportunities to be generous from the heart. Of these we take very few or none.

Remember that we are generous only when we deliver what the other needs. In any case when we give what we want or we have plenty.


  • Remember a story where you have given the best of yourself and you’ve made yours and the satisfaction of the other
  • He recalls a time when someone has refused to help, collaboration or support, because you thought you could not. Your situation was worse. That was not your time. You need was greater than that of the other
  • Evaluates the results that both actions have brought to your life. You’ve probably found instructive parallels.
  • Yours some good personal reasons that each day you share with someone more than yourself. A «wealth» of yours that you give from the heart, not your interest that mediates recognition or thanks. Something that can give instant and your benefits may apply in your life immediately.

The movie «Pay it forward” is a living example of the enormous good we can do with very little

Dream every day with a world where generosity permeates every space, every corner. Let every heart open to giving without thinking what is the other or what you need.

It is to grow the company. Not impoverish our compassion. All are rich in something. Share that wealth.

Something I’ve lived on Friday with your contributions to my blog. Thanks to each of the people who make this exercise to keep us together.

I look forward to your comments.