The master Junaid had a disciple who he preferred over all others, which incited the jealousy of the rest. Junaid, who knew the hearts, realized it and said, «It is superior in civility and intelligence to all of you. Let’s have a experience so that you too may understand.»

Junaid ordered them to bring twenty birds, and told his disciples: «Let every one take a bird, take it to a place where no one can see you, kill him, and then bring it to me».

All the disciples depart, killed the birds and brought them back. All… except the favorite disciple, who returned the bird alive.

«Why didn’t you kill him?» Junaid said.
«Because the master has said that it had to be done in a place where nobody could see us,» answered the disciple. «Well, everywhere I went God was watching.»
«You see the degree of his understanding,» said Junaid – “Compare it with the others.»
The disciples asked God for forgiveness.

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